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A.J Fuller dive on June 24, 2000:

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Boxes on the deck A shot depicting the stern having a distinct overhang Bow shot Guideline running along the hull where ribs are exposed

Read about the dive.

Get the Vivo Video here (5MB).

You can obtain a short, high-quality, albeit large (25MB) intro video here in MPEG format or QUICKTIME format.

December 12, 2000:

King 5 News was on boat reporting during this dive.

This image shows some of the clutter on the deck. There seem to be quite a few boxes and other items on the deck.

This is what appears to be a brass decorative plate our Videographer, Andrew Georgitsis, found. Brass Plate Closeup Brock Wheaton in the background is coming over to visit

In this image, you can see the decorative markings on the plate. A swirl pattern This image shows what appears to be an anchor windlass Divers have now reached the bow

A metal collar of some sort, possibly used to secure the mast. Kevin Connell stopping by to help light up an item. Here we seem to have found a stair well leading below decks.


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