Projects: submerged cultural resources SCRET has explored and documented.

Lake Washington


Puget Sound

Coal Cars

Wooden coal cars from 1875.

S.S. Admiral Sampson

Passenger liner sunk in 1914.

Passenger Steamers

Three passenger steamers from the early 1900's.
A.J. Fuller

Windjammer built in 1881, sunk in Elliot Bay in 1918.

520 Sunken Vessels

Three sunken vessels near the 520 bridge.

S.S. Governor

Passenger liner sunk in 1921.

S.L. Dowell

45-foot wooden tugboat sunk in 1922.
Tacoma Narrows Bridge

"Galloping Gertie", the original Narrows bridge, collapsed in 1940.

Ferry Boat Dawn

Wooden passenger steamer, sunk in 1923.
Diamond Knot

WWII era freighter, sunk in 1947.


WWII era motor minesweeper built in 1943.
Bunker Hill

T-2 oil tanker, sunk in 1964.

Valiant (SNV-2)

Vultee BT-13 Valiant aircraft, sunk in 1944.

336-foot freighter built in 1945, sunk in 1982.


Lockheed PV-2 Harpoon aircraft, crashed off Sand Point in 1947.


Vultee Privateer aircraft, crashed in the lake in 1956.



YMS Healy


Gas launch Falcon


Grumman Wildcat