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Team Resources

Each SCRET mixed gas diver utilizes the following equipment for deep dives (number of stage and deco bottles varies with dive profile):

• Gavin Scooter
• 18 Watt HID Light, some with video reflectors
• Double Tanks, typically LP 104's
• Stage tanks, typically AL 80s
• Decompression tanks, typically AL 30s or AL 40s

(For more information on gear configuration, please see GUE's resources on equipment configuration)

One team member carries an underwater video camera in a housing that can be mounted on a Gavin Scooter.

All SCRET dives are conducted with one boat and one safety diver per team. This ensures maximum safety and allows for drifting decompression.

Each dive team carries the following safety equipment:

• 2 lift bags for decompressing
• 2 dive-alert type air whistles which are carried in a drysuit pocket
• Sufficient decompression gas to complete the dive on open circuit

Diver Standards

Diver Certifications required for Mixed Gas Divers:

GUE Technical Diver Level 2
GUE Cave Diver Level 2 (for dives involving penetration)
• First Aid
• DAN Insurance

Diver Certifications required for Support Divers:

GUE Technical Diver Level 1
• First Aid
• DAN Insurance

Team SOP

SCRET bios

SCRET dive team member bios coming soon.