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The Wildcat today:

The Wildcat lies upside down on the bottom of Lake Washington, off Leshi, in 200 feet of water. The fuselage and starboard wing are intact. The port wing is not connected to the fuselage but is lying next to the plane on the bottom, near the tail. The main landing gear is in place and extended. The cockpit is buried in the silt bottom. The canopy sits next to the wing. The tail section of the aircraft is intact, although twisted at an angle. The tail wheel and hook are attached to the tail. The engine and propeller appear to be intact, but are buried in the silt bottom. The tip of one of the propeller blades protrudes from the bottom. The white star and other Navy insignia are still visible on the wings and tail.

There are court papers attached to the Wildcat from the 1996 lawsuit. Apparently, someone thought it was necessary to “serve” the plane.

The Wildcat shows the damage caused by its collision with the Avenger and subsequent impact with the surface of the lake. There is also evidence of further deterioration caused by galvanic corrosion.


Underwater images:


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Tail hook for landing on aircraft carriers

SCRET diver Joe Radosevic with legal papers

SCRET diver Joe Radosevic

SCRET diver Peo Orvendal inspects canopy

Main port landing gear

Main starboard landing gear

Side scan image


Tail (rear view)

Tail (side view)

Tail wheel


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