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PV-2 Harpoon in Lake Washington:

The aircraft is oriented in a nearly vertical position, with the nose buried approximately 11 feet in the silt up to the cockpit windows. The bottom depth at the cockpit windows is 142 feet and the top of the tail is at approximately 105 feet. The condition of the aircraft is fairly good, except for the vertical stabilizers on the tail, which are badly torn.

Underwater images from 07/15/2000 dive: (click any image for a larger file):

On the descent.

50 caliber machine guns.

50 caliber machine guns.

Bomb bay doors.

Damage on the horizontal tail surface, possibly from grappling hooks.

The tail wheel and upline. (Who didn’t take their cave class here????)

The cockpit viewed from the open escape hatch, buried in silt.

Getting ready to ascend.


On the ascent. Is that HID blinding you Mark?









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