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S.L. Dowell today:

The wooden tugboat is presently sitting upright on the bottom and is fully intact except for the steering wheel and compass in the wheelhouse and the propeller, which have been removed by salvers.

The name “S. L. Dowell” is still visible on the stern and on a board on the wheelhouse. The Corliss engine is visible through windows and a hatchway. The wheelhouse is assessable through doorways on each side. Light bulbs are still in place in their sockets.

Underwater images from 06/24/2001 dive: (click any image for a larger file):

The dive team (Andrew Georgitsis, Walter Jaccard and Mark Tourtellot) spent 20 minutes on the shipwreck at an average depth of 195 feet, followed by 35 minutes of decompression.





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