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April 22, 2000:

The weather forecast for small craft advisories was correct for a change, causing us to abandon our planned dive on the Admiral Sampson. On the way back to the Everett boat launch, we switched gears and decided to dive on the Al-Ind-Esk-A-Sea to video the current condition of the wreck.

Once onsite, we hooked the wreck and put mixed gas divers Kevin Connell, Andrew Georgitsis, and Walter Jaccard into the water. Visibility was good and the divers were able to obtain some excellent video of the superstructure, the bow area, and a portion of the inside of the main hold.


Walter Jaccard scooters down the side of the wreck.


Andrew Georgitsis setting up video.


Anchor Davit.


Kevin Connell scootering down the hand rail.




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